Team Leaderboard

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RankTeam NamePoints
1Team Pick224228.87
2Ives on the Prize220.59
3PHH Podcast210.78
4Philadelphia Litterers208.90
5Moscow Snowplows207.65
6My Pride is Showing207.49
7DJ's Ugly Duckling202.25
8RIP Calgary Inferno197.98
9The Walleye is Dead, Long Live the Loon!192.87
10Pterodactyl Hockey Federation192.25
12Pride & Prejudice186.76
13here kitty kitty phfphfphf186.43
14Klienbach to the Fluketure186.21
15The Ives of Marchment185.29
16Down With the Vlasicness183.56
17Hockey (Taylor's Version)177.23
18America Runs on Diffendal176.82
19Magic Mullets176.67
20Fast and Furious173.01
21Antalya Foxes172.90
22Buffalo Wings172.07
23Catamount Country171.93
24Dog River River Dogs170.22
25Audra Score-ison More-ison168.33
26Face On163.75
27The A is for A Lesbian159.62
28Beauts or Bust158.69
29Jennatime, Jennawhere158.37
30Tuffest Mustard158.28
31The Frat Pack157.80
32The team to be Named Later157.75
33Goon Squad157.42
34Royal Icing154.60
36The Spice Must Bo153.66
37The Puck Noobs151.98
38Keephfing Karlsson151.50
39Team Zam Cam151.01
40The better PHH Podcast team150.20
41Out of the Woods143.92
42Tank Cleaners143.27
43Sammy Davis' Rink Rat Pack140.68
44Transition Game138.91
45Puckin' Trouble138.43
46The Unicorn Rainbows138.19
47All Random, Anytime, Anywhere (Except Boston)134.37
48Explaining to Everyone...129.04
50Gordie's Goons (feat. Tito)128.17
51Unnamed Future PHF Team in Calgary127.44
52Former Whale (and those that left and came back)126.39
53The Homosexual Agenda126.26
54Breakout Bosses122.15
55Pittsburgh Mary Readers119.27
56Am I allowed to play?118.40
57Gut feelings because it's 40min before puck drop96.18