Top 10 Teams

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RankTeam NamePoints
1Team Pick224228.87
2Ives on the Prize220.59
3PHH Podcast210.78
4Philadelphia Litterers208.90
5Moscow Snowplows207.65
6My Pride is Showing207.49
7DJ's Ugly Duckling202.25
8RIP Calgary Inferno197.98
9The Walleye is Dead, Long Live the Loon!192.87
10Pterodactyl Hockey Federation192.25

Top 10 Players

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RankPlayer NamePointsGames PlayedPoints Per GameTeamPosition
1Katie Burt44.93123.74BOSG
2Elaine Chuli42.52172.50TORG
3Kennedy Marchment38.30201.91CTWF
4Mikyla Grant-Mentis37.06191.95TORF
5Amanda Leveille31.88112.90MING
6Allie Thunstrom31.84201.59MINF
7Taylor Girard29.60201.48CTWF
8Jonna Curtis28.82201.44MINF
9Madison Packer28.22201.41METF
10Shiann Darkangelo26.52201.33TORF